Title: Guten Abend, der Herr - Lust auf einen spannenden Ritt? (Prelude)

Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan

Summary: A modern AU, set in Germany, Hamburg. In which Rivaille hates his job and Mikasa is forcing Eren to go jogging, so he won’t get fat.

Hey, English still isn’t my first language, but I try, oh do I try. So, I’m sorry for any grammar errors or typos. Also I should say that this isn’t really planned out and if I actually do something with it, it won’t be a multi chapter thing (because I don’t really like to write those anymore). Any questions? Shoot me an ask.

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Title: Slow Dancing

Fandom: Mass Effect

Pairing: Garrus/FemShep

Summary: I actually can’t come up with one. It’s just pretty short and fluffy.

A few days ago I felt like writing Shakarian fluff. My brother read it and made me leave it here.

It’s just fluff. And I have no idea if there are any grammar mistakes.

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